Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Kosher (for Passover) French Toast

I've always been a fan of matzah brie, at least as long as I can remember. I think part of it's novelty is that the only time of year I eat it is during Passover. I'm sure if I had access to it year round, I would rarely if ever have it. But because passover only comes once a year, and so many foods are off limits at the time, it almost always makes it's yearly appearance. I know some people prefer there's a little more savory, but with my sweet tooth is it really a surprise I take it the other direction?

Matzah Brie
2 pieces of Matzah
1 Egg
1/2 cup Milk
Vanilla, Cinnamon, & Salt to taste

Just pretend the salt made it into the picture too.

Soak two pieces of matzah in water.

Why yes, you can see them soaking in the ingredient picture as well, which is why they're are kind of curvy.
Squeeze out as much water as possible & discard. Add to bowl with other ingredients.
I went with about a cap-ful of vanilla, and a few dashes each of cinnamon and salt. Look at me, starting to cook without following directions!
Mix well and add to a hot buttered pan.
Be sure to butter the pan well. Otherwise the crust sticks to the pan and the brie itself doesn't really brown. Not that it's something I would have aver done.
Once browned flip over to brown other side and remove.
I tend to flip it in pieces. It doesn't really matter if it all stays together. This isn't a pancake we're cooking.
Garnish with toppings of your choice.
Matzah Brie
I always go with powdered sugar and maple syrup, but you can add pretty much anything you'd add to breakfast food (fruit, whipped cream, nuts etc...). Or if you eating this for dinner instead of breakfast (What? There aren't a whole lot of other great dinner options during Passover!) You can't eat it without any toppings, although you might want to skip the cinnamon and vanilla up front.

And that satisfies my matzah brie craving till next year! Anyone else have a favorite food that you really only eat once a year?


  1. I have never been a matzah brie fan! My family's brie is more of scrambled eggs with matzah versus your approach of it being more french toast like! I love how even matzah brie recipes vary by family - happy almost end of Passover!

  2. This sounds good but I'm reaching my maximum capacity for matzah. . . Can't wait for it to end!

  3. I don't celebrate Passover, but I actually really like matzah when I've had it! I'd be interested to try this... I'd totally go the sweet direction too. lately my sweet tooth is out of control!