Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fro-yo Fix

Last night after sushi at Geisha, we decided to stop next door for frozen yogurt at Yogen Fruz. (And when I saw "we" I really mean I since the boys hates almost all sweets. Instead he was a few storefronts down trying samples of hot sauce and alligator at the Beef Jerky Outlet. I guess he had his dessert of sorts.)

The concept at Yogen Fruz is to take blocks of frozen yogurt and blend it with frozen fruits. They also have a few syrups like mint that you can blend with as well. Then they have a few fun toppings (aka chocolate, granola, cereals) to sprinkle on top.

I decided to go with mango and kiwi blended with low-fat vanilla and top it with white chocolate shavings. I was actually a little disappointed with the lack of color. The people in front of me blended with raspberries and strawberries and theirs was a nice pretty pink.
Kiwi Mango Yogurt

I can't compare this to Pinkberry since I still haven't been (there aren't any in Baton Rouge, and I've never taken the time to go while I've been in California), but I think it could compare favorably. It wound up being a nice satisfying dessert, that even makes you feel a little good about yourself because its almost healthy. I wouldn't list it as my all time favorite dessert, but I'd definitely be willing to try it again. And next time I'll be sure to pick flavors that make a prettier color. Maybe chocolate fro-yo blended with raspberries? I'm getting hungry already!



  1. Yum! We don't have a fro yo place here - it makes me sad :( Haha!!

  2. I saw one of those in VA this weekend.... I didn't know what it was and we were trying to find a place to eat lunch so I didn't check it out... :-(

    Sounds like fun though!

  3. Oh my gosh... that sounds so good and refreshing! I love stuff like that in the summer. I don't think we have a Fro Yo. I'll have to find one next time I'm in BTR.

  4. I wish there was a Fro Yo around here!!