Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Last Eclipse

The Last Airbender
After hearing the reviews I was a little skeptical going into this movie. While it might not have been as bad as a lot of the reviews, it still didn't live up to the previews.

To start off wit the good, it was visually stunning, and this was in 2-D. We try avoid seeing 3-D movies, when they aren't filmed in 3-D and the effect is added afterwards. I also really liked Nicola Peltz, the young actress who played Katara, the last waterbender from her tribe.

But as for the actual movie? The first half was really slow, and felt the need to spell out every detail instead of letting the audience figure is out on its own. Most of the fighting scenes weren't that great, and looked a little stupid.

The movie was clearly designed to be part of a series. But any sequels? While I know there were a few loose ends hanging by the end, I still don't have an incredible desire to see the next. It was definitely a movie with a lot of potential, but it didn't quite get there.

I loved the original Twilight film, even though I can admit it was a bit cheesy at parts. So it wasn't really a question about whether I would like this, but more of how much I would like it. It is my favorite movie far, but I also think the books get better throughout, so the idea that the movies do the same makes sense.

I think like everyone else I was looking forward to the tent scene. It was a little worried at how they would do it, since so much of the scene takes place in Jacob's thoughts. But I do think they were able to pull it off. The only complaint I have is that I seemed to spend the whole movie waiting for that one part. And when it finally happened it was a little disappointing to think that the movie was almost over. Part of me know wants to see the movie again, so I can enjoy it all as it happens.

A lot of times seeing the movie after the book I get frustrated over small details that get changed. Except its been almost two years since the only time I've read the books, which I do think helped. Although I did just finished reading The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner, and there were a few minor details from the Voltorri confrontation in the book, that I wished had been in the movie. I'm sure if Eclipse the book was fresh in my mind, there would have been quite a bit more small details that bothered me.

The movie definitely made me want to reread the series. Which I'm in the middle of doing; I just started New Moon. And part of me wants to sit down and rewatch the movies as well. I do have Twilight on dvd, but this might be the time to buy New Moon as well. And in case you couldn't figure out which of the two movies I'd recommend, I hope this helps... Go Team Edward!



  1. Haha, I've never read the book so the tent scene seemed like NOTHING to me! Lol. That's funny.

    I hated it, as I have with the other Twilight movies. I just don't see why a book series that has sold MILLIONS of copies cannot afford to make better movies!!!

  2. I loved the tv show for The last Airbender. Since I've heard the movie sucks, I'm passing on it and watching the tv show again.
    I think Eclipse was the best of all 3 so far. I agree. They handled the tent scene well.