Thursday, July 22, 2010

Theater Thursday

I decided to change things up a bit and participate in Crazy Shenanigans' Theater Thursday. Instead of posting a review of a movie that's currently in theaters I'm posting a review of one that's on dvd (and has been for a long while). This week I'm talking about...

A Little Princess
I still remember when this was released in theaters in 5th grade. Not because I saw it, but two of my closest friends did. I even remember when it was released in theaters in hopes it would do better and a pretty abysmal opening (that's actually what this poster is from). But even then I didn't see the movie. It was only when it was released on VHS that I finally saw it and fell in love.

A Little Princess is the movie version of Frances Hodgson Burnett's The Little Princess. Growing up I love the book version, the Shirley Temple version, and even the her book Sara Crew or What Happened at Miss Minchin's which is a shorter version was actually published before The Little Princess. So it was really no surprise that I loved this version too. The movie did take a few liberties from the book by moving it to NYC, changing the time period slightly, and changing the ending.

This is one of the first movies that I remember crying while watching. Even know watching the end with Sara and her father I can't hold back the tears. Even though I have this movie practically memorized and know exactly how its going to end I can't help it.

As silly as it may sound considering I'm in my mid-20s this children's movie is still one of my all time favorites. Whenever I find it on TV I'm sucked in to watching it, even though I own at least 2 copies of it. I can't wait to be able to share it with my future daughters someday, if only so I have an excuse to watch it again myself!

Anyone else love this movie? Or are there movies from your childhood that you still consider to be one of your all time favorites?



  1. Omigoodness I forgot ALL About this movie but I LOVED IT when I was a kid - I've seen it at least 10 times I'm sure! I wanted a doll just like hers :)

  2. This is one of my favorite movies, especially when growing up. For many reasons, but the fact that the girl was named 'Sarah' didn't hurt! I was just thinking about this movie the other day, particularly the part where the girls are having a decadent festival and the monkey... I need to watch this when I go home again - we have it on VHS still!

  3. I've never seen this movie! I'm totally going to netflix it. Thanks for linking up! It's fun to hear stories of how movies came into people's lives.

  4. I've seen it a few times, and while I do really like it, I enjoy this version better

    as I found it was much truer to the book (which I read before seeing the movie and loved)

  5. Mary Poppins is one of my all time favorites!

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