Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mystery Fruit Revealed

Since we moved into our new house we've always known there was a fig tree and a satsuma tree. But when we talked to the old owners I remember them mentioning a third tree. Except I couldn't remember the type of fruit it was, nor which tree it was. I been anxiously awaiting to see if any other trees in the backyard with sprout fruit and we finally have a winner!
Apricot Tree
It looks like we have an apricot tree! The tree is a lot smaller than the other two, which means a lot less fruit. I'm hoping in the years to come it will keep growing to at least match its brother fruit trees, but we'll see. Right now there's only these two on the tree (along with another one that's already half eaten by birds or something).
They're not ripe yet, but hopefully they will be soon. I was temped to trying one now, but figure the waiting will be worth it. Hopefully that is the case. And hopefully when I try it I can confirm these actually are apricots. I mean they're fuzzy, and they look to be the right size, so what else could they be?

Since I've already exhausted questions regarding what type of fruit you'd like to grow, let me know if you truly think this is an apricot tree. (And please say that I'm right!) Or if you really want, tell me what fruit you'd grow yet again!



  1. Yay, apricots! We have two apricot trees in our yard, along with a tangerine tree, a persimmon tree, a cherry tree, a fig tree, a plum tree, and some blighted peach trees (yes, I DO live in an orchard...except not really). I do wish we had an avocado tree-- does that count as a fruit?

  2. Oh cool! My grandparents had a plum tree when I was growing up and I loved it! I love figs but always hated picking the sticky things. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  3. Yummy! If me and Eric end up buying a house in Kamloops I SO want one with a cherry tree! My boss has one and always brings us fresh cherries during the summer - I love it!

  4. That's awesome!!! I really wish I had an apple tree in my yard.

  5. That is awesome! I want a fruit tree... or two, or three! Growing up we had an apple tree in our backyard and I loved it!
    If I could have a fruit tree I would have a pineapple tree, because that would mean I'm living somewhere tropical... like Hawaii! Bahahaha! :)

  6. If the fruit is fuzzy, I think it's a peach tree, because it's definately not an apricot. The leaves are the wrong shape and the fruit should have ripened by now.