Monday, July 12, 2010

Don't Be Despicable

Despicable Me
When I first started seeing previews for this movie I didn't really want to see it. But as more previews came out my feelings started to change. I think when I realized that this wasn't just some type of superhero movie is what really triggered the change. I'm glad I had the change of heart because I did enjoy the movie, despite my initial hesitations of the previews.

The movies tells the story of a supervillain (voiced by Steve Carrel) who wants to be the world's greatest supervillain. His evil plot is to steal the moon! (All you need to do to unearth this is to pay attention to the previews. I do try to avoid spoilers, but if the previews already give it away I don't quite consider myself ruining anything.) The movie changes course a bit with the introduction of 3 little girls the Gru becomes responsible for. (Now how he acquires these girls isn't in the previews, and it a fun bit during the movie.)

The movie had its fair share of evil villain tricks and some cute "aww" moments with the girls. There's all types of funny gags with the minions for the kids, and even a few one liners thrown in for the adults in the audience.

Besides the story, the way they used the 3-D in the film was a lot of fun. When they ride the roller coaster in the film it makes you feel as if you on an actual ride. It's actually a similar film to the type of ride you see at theme parks where they make you feel like you're moving with only mild jerks to your seat. And if you've ever tried to reach out and touch the screen during a 3-D movie you have to be sure to stay for at the the start of the credits.

I would say its definitely a movie that's not only worth seeing, but is easily worth paying the difference to see it in 3-D.



  1. Hubby wants to see this so I think we'll try to see it this weekend.

  2. This looks so cute but I'm sure we'll wait for dvd...