Thursday, July 15, 2010

Roast in the Pot

Last week the boy and I decided to buy our first crockpot. We of course had to put it to use as soon as possible, so this past Sunday we decided to make pot roast one of his favorites.

To start with early Sunday morning we browned the outside of the meat. (At least it was early considering it was a Sunday.) He also stuffed a few garlic cloves in the meat which you can see in the picture.
Browning the Meat

Then we added the meat to the pot along with some potatoes, carrots, and celery.
With Veggies

We also added a can of coke, a can of condensed cream of mushroom soup, water, more garlic cloves, and various spices. (I believe just salt, pepper, and onion powder but it might have been more.
Ready to Go
We let it cook for 8 hours and it was done! Although we probably did add a little too much water, and it boiled over slightly. But if wasn't anything too crazy.
Pot Roast after 8 Hours
Even with our minor disaster it wound up tasting really good. One of the bests parts was how easy it was to make! Of course there's the fact you do have to plan 8 hours or so in advance, but as long as you plan ahead that's not a problem

Now that we have a crockpot I need some good ideas for recipes we should try. I know you have your favorites, so let me know!



  1. Yummm! We love our crock pot. One of the easiest things I've done is to throw a couple of chicken breasts or pork chops in with a can of cream of mushroom (plus a can of water). Let it go all day and then during the last hour throw in noodles. Up until that point the soup will be very watery but then it soaks up in the noodles and it all comes out perfectly!

    You are going to LOVE this come fall/winter!

  2. Mmmm that finished product looks good!

  3. The hardest part about cooking like this is the smell. It starts to smell SOOOOO good and you still have hours left before you can eat it.

  4. I LOVE making chili in my crockpot!! I made enchilada's once too that were OK but ended up being kind of soggy!

  5. The crock pot is the BEST-- especially when you don't want to use the oven in the summer (I mean, I guess you have AC, but still). Two of my favorite crock pot recipes are this pulled pork from SparkRecipes ( and carnitas from The Kitchn ( I would definitely recommend browning the meat before putting it in, and maybe scaling back the recipes unless you want to be responsible for eating upwards of 3 pounds of meat. (Yikes.)

  6. yum I love pot roast! I have only used my crockpot a few times but I normally do just what you did, meat, potatoes, spices and let it cook.

  7. Check out this crockpot blog...there are some pretty good things I have gotten off of it!

  8. I love cooking in my crock-pot. Your recipe sounds delicious! Pot Roast and a hearty side dish is my favorite type of meal. When making pot roasts for dinner, I would recommend trying grass fed Black Angus beef. It is absolutely delicious and a healthier option. I work with La Cense Beef and because our beef is 100% grass fed it is higher in omega 3 acids and lower in calorie and fat as opposed to traditional grain fed beef. Try grass fed Black Angus Beef and you will be able to taste an even bigger difference!

  9. Oh, that looks so good and juicy! A can of coke, huh? I never would have thought to add coke. I'll try that next time. Thanks for the tip.