Sunday, June 20, 2010

Some Changes

There's a few changes over here at From L.A. to LA. Nothing too crazy, but I hope it makes things a little easier to navigate. If you look at the top I've added links to a few specific sections of the blog. First are all the entries dealing with my journey from Los Angeles to Louisiana. Posts like dealing with the lack of sidewalks or learning that people in the south still say ma'am and sir. Second are all my books posts. Most are reviews, but there's a few fun ones like the tour of my library. Third is food, which is some recipes, some restaurant reviews, but mainly just a lot of food porn pictures. And finally we end with movies, which again is mainly reviews.

I'm hoping that these links at the top can help especially if its or first time here and you want to discover what From L.A. to LA is all about, or instead if you've been a loyal follower and you're looking for new ideas of books to read. While those four topics aren't all I write about, they do tend to make up the majority of my posts. Of course if you're looking for a specific topic, say my thoughts on Jon & Kate Plus 8 or to hear stories of my world travels the right sidebar still lists all my tags.

So let me know what you think? Do you like having those links at the top? Or is there another one you think I should add? Or if you have any suggestions for From L.A. to LA in general let me know!