Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Out at Sea

Welcome to another edition of Classy in Philadelphia's Where in the World Wednesday. This week I'm at...
Disney Sea at the Tokyo Disney Resort
Back in 2008 I went with my parents to Japan to visit my brother who was studing abroad. Everyone had their own ideas of where they wanted to visit, but my only request was that we headed to Tokyo Disney. Instead of heading to the Tokyo Disney itself, which is like Disneyland or the Magic Kindom in Orlando, we went to Disney Sea.

One reason we made this choice was because we've already been on the main Disney rides tons of times in California. But the other reason was because I've wanted to go Disney Sea since the early 90s! Back then they was no plans to build this park in Japan, instead they were trying to build it in Long Beach, California, my hometown. Unfortunatly the plans fell through financially, and it wound up being built overseas. But finally being at the park really made me wonder what it could have been like if things had worked out differently.

Anyone have an amusement park in their hometown? And what Disney Parks have you been to?



  1. Love it! I haven't been to Disney Sea (though it's on the list for next year's planned Japan trip), just Disneyland, Disney World, and Disneyland Paris. Why yes, I AM a nerd.

  2. I LOVE Disney. I've just been to Disneyland in California (and the California adventure park) I've been there 4 times, which is quite a few considering I live up in Canada.

    There aren't any amusement parks here, we do have the PNE which has rides in the summer, but that's it.