Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday Movie Review

Toy Story 3
Pixar's back at it again, and they've brought back Woody and Buzz and the rest of the toys with them. The movie deals with Andy going off to college. But what will happen to the toys? Will he take them to college? Store the in the attic? Donate them? Or just throw them away in the trash? If you've paid attention to previews you probably have a good idea as to what journey they take.

At parts of the movie I couldn't believe what they were subjecting the toys to. I know I was almost looking away from the screen not wanting to watch, and I'm sure there must of been kids in the theater who felt the same way. I didn't understand why they would put such awful images in a kids movie. Then I had a bit of a reality check, they're toys after all! Sure we know they're alive, but what they go through isn't really any different than what happens to most of our child play things.

And the end? Yes, I did cry. It just sends such a message of being ready to grow up and move on with your life, and yet not quite being able to forget your past entirely. There's a line (which I know I'm going to ruin entirely) where Andy's mom tell him he'll miss him while he's away at college. And he responds back, something along the lines of even if I'm not here, I'm still here inside of you. And I think that's the message the movie was trying to send, learning to let go and yet still hold on.

So in case you missed it, I loved the movie. (I'm pretty sure there isn't a Pixar movie I don't love.) The boy enjoyed it, but he liked the second Toy Story better since he felt it was funnier. So I would definitely recommend going to see this. (Isn't it nice to have two weeks of positive movies in a row? Interesting that both this and The Karate Kid are both geared towards kids. I guess they're only making good movies for kids right now.)



  1. I NEED to see this movie!!! Must drag Dave this week :)

  2. I'm so jealous! I want to see this so much! I'm glad you loved it.