Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I'm at Table Number What? - The Execution

Almost a year ago I wrote this post about my idea for the table numbers. The following day my mom sent me this email.
Loved Your Blog Post
Daddy and I were cracking up. I noticed one of your readers is from NOLA. I went to look at her blog and saw her posts about cake pulls. I keep meaning to ask if you want to do that? One of the links she has to an etsy shop is really cute. This one: http://www.etsy.com/listing/46602599/nola-cake-pulls-set-of-nine-sterling
Anyway, just wondering.
Of course, the way things work out, that blogger is no longer blogging, my mom is no longer here to e-mail me, and I decided not to go with cake pulls. But I did finally create out table numbers.
I made this pretty much the exact same was as my wrap around labels using tables in word. The main differences being I started the a 3x3 table, I made the outside border thinner, and obviously put different stuff inside the boxes.
I order to flip one box upside down I did have to use a text box, which I discovered using a helpful google search.
As a math major, inserting the numbers was easy enough, since I had to do it for papers back in college. (Thankfully I didn't have to start using LaTex till grad school.) But I could see how if you aren't familiar with the process of editing equations it could be tricky.
I did have trouble though with one of the numbers the boy suggested, the one that represents the complete banach space of all differential functions, since I wasn't sure what the symbol was actually called. I could draw it on a piece of paper for you, and I'm sure I could find it for LaTex, but for all I know you may not be able to type it in word.
The boy wasn't happy with the Q I used, to represent all rational numbers, since the way you draw it, it's only double-sided on the left side, but it's the best representation I could find. I'm also not completely happy with the aleph naught, since I think the subscript is to big and it doesn't feel centered. But it is still my favorite number since it's Hebrew and math-y (it represents the countable version of infinity).
On the symbols people my not be familiar with I made sure to write out the name that way they're not just matching a symbol, although I would hope all our guests can recognize π. But on the ones that are easily recognizable, like e or i, I thought those by themselves were enough.
This project isn't completely finished yet, because I do plan I writing up a small paragraph that defines each number for those curious. But so far, I love it, and I hope our guests enjoy them.
Did you do anything unique for your table numbers? And how many of our numbers can you actually define or even just recognize? (Just be happy I'm not asking you to arrange them from smallest to largest, which the boy already decided to do.)


  1. These are the nerdiest, and thus the most awesome, table numbers EVER.

  2. I LOVE this idea for table numbers. It's a great way to tie in something personal about your and the boy! And as a math major, I love recognizing most of the symbols you chose! So so fun!!!

    I think if I ever got married and had a sit down dinner (not sure i will do that), I would maybe have a book themed wedding and each table would be a different genre of books.

  3. That's so cute! I love that idea for table numbers! We're doing famous scientists for table numbers, so I love the nerdiness :)