Thursday, August 23, 2012

Wrapping Up Details

With the wedding barely a week away I've been completely wedding task after wedding task. In the past few days I've put down final payments with the DJ, the cake baker, and the florist. I've submitted our list of songs to the DJs. We've met with our wedding officiant. I've firmed up more of our wedding day timeline and sent it to our coordinator. I've started boxing up the candy bar pieces and the centerpiece items. I've sent everyone evites to the rehearsal dinner. We finished buying presents for our attendants. I've bought the items I'll be wearing under the dress. We bought our cake topper

But there's still so much that I have left to do. I need to make our programs still. I need to wrap the presents for the attendants. I need to make the escort cards. I need to print off labels for the candy bags. I need to buy wine & wine glass for our ceremony. I need to buy another wine glass to smash at the ceremony. I need to put together our welcome bags.

Then there's the items that I really wanted to do, but am thinking they might not happen. And at this point I'm ok with that. Things like bathroom baskets, or cute signs labeling all the candy for the candy bars. Things I really wanted to happen, and yet I'm ok with that. I guess I'm starting to put priority on the things that are really important to me and the other ones just aren't going to happen.

I'm guessing in the next few days I won't be posting as much or commenting on yours posts. And if I am, that probably means that I'm wasting time on the internet when there's tons of stuff I really should be doing. I'm sure I'll be stopping by a few times though, but from here on our things are going to be crazy I'm sure.

How were you feeling in the last weeks before your wedding? And did you have any projects that you originally planned on doing but had to let go over as you got closer to the wedding date?


  1. I tried to makes sure I was done with most things 2 weeks before the wedding. But tons of last minute stuff creeped up anyway.
    At some point you have to decide what you can let go.
    Your wedding will be amazing regardless!

  2. Good luck! And I hope you have an awesome wedding day! Can't wait to hear the recap of the big day and see all the pictures!!

  3. Eeks, it is so exciting that your wedding is fast approaching!! I am so excited for you!! And can't wait to see pictures. It seemed so far off when you got engaged, but now it's here in the blink of an eye! I hope you have a wonderful wedding week!!!!! Mazal tov!

  4. You know, those little details that may have seemed so important when planning or leading up to the wedding aren't going to matter AT ALL on the big day!! Trust me, you will not notice a thing that "isn't right". Your day will be perfect, I am so excited for you :)