Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Future Olympians

This past weekend was the boy's niece's 5th birthday party.
Her birthday wound up being at the perfect time since it's in the middle of the Olympics and she had a gymnastics party. Coincidentally this was actually where former gold medalist Carly Patterson got her start in gymnastics. These are the party goers warming up, and you can see on the ceiling a sign with her name on it, as well as a painting of her in the background
I feel a little embarrassed to admit this, but until this weekend I had no idea that Carly Patterson was from Louisiana. Although to be fair, I was living in Baltimore during the Athens Olympics and at that point in my life, never expected to be living in Louisiana.

After letting the kids go through a few different stations (trampolining, rope swinging and such) they sent the birthday girl up into one of those "jumpy-bouncy-things" (that's just the technical term).
From there we went to presents. The last time we took the boy's niece and nephew to the movies she told us she wanted to be a doctor. Of course I told her that would be a great thing to be once she grew up, till she clarified. She wanted us to buy her doctor stuff so she could be a doctor now. With such clear direction the boy and I made sure to follow through.
We found this cute scrub & doctor coat dress-up set and to complete the collection a bag full of doctor equipment.
And since it wouldn't be a birthday without a books, the boy & I also include a Disney Princess book with a bunch of cutout dolls, as well as a set of American Girl Felicity books.

It's still hard to believe 5 years have gone by since we were visiting her at the hospital. And if I think how quickly the boy's niece & nephew seem to grow-up, I can only imagine what it will be like with my future children.

Do you have any Olympians that grew up near you? As for me, since you've already heard one local Louisiana athlete, I'll move on to the other places I've lived. Long Beach is the home of US water polo player Tony Azevedo. He was a senior in high school when I was a freshmen and went to our cross-town rival. For college, I went to school in Towson, which is where Michael Phelps grew up. (And I'm guessing you don't need me to tell you what sport he plays.)


  1. What a cool party! And it looks like she got some great gifts. I don't know of any famous Olympians although I believe there is a Kenyan runner who attended a college in my state (AR) that is competing this year. (I'm really terrible with names if I only hear them rather than see them.)

  2. I'm not sure how many Olympians are from Virginia- I think some of the gymnasts trained here, though. I do know from e-mails and Twitter that UVa has 11 athletes competing in the Olympics, but they aren't all competing for America!

    I think that party looks like so much fun, I would have loved that as a kid - from what I'm seeing on Facebook several of my friends' daughters are now obsessed with gymnastics.