Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Free with Purchase

I'm on the Victoria's Secret mailing list, which means every single day, so it seems to me at least, I'm getting an e-mail from them announcing a limited time deal or a new product. Most times I at least look at the pictures, but recently I saw a deal I had to participate in.

So, on a recent trip to the mall I made my one purchase, aka 5 pairs of Pink brand underwear for about $25. After all, what's the point of buying one if you can buy 5 at a better price. Plus you can never have too much underwear. In college I used to say the more underwear you had the less you have to do laundry. I'd like to say I've grown up and that's no longer the case, but that wouldn't be the complete truth.
Pink Underwear
But once I had the underwear I was able to fulfil the reason I came to the store. See, they were offering a free pair of underwear with purchase. Yes, I realize they do that promotional ALL the time, but this wasn't just any pair of underwear. But bridal underwear!
Bridal Underwears
It's hard to see, but little rhinestones on the right spell out Bride
It was one size fits all, which had me a little leery. Especially since it looked so much bigger than all the other pairs I bought. But I tried it on, and I guess there's enough elastic in them, (or they like the pants that fit all 4 girls of the sisterhood), and they fit. Which means I can officially check off buy bridal underwear from the to-do list.

Do you wind up wearing any special unmentionable for the wedding? And how often does Victoria's get you with their special deals?


  1. I was SO depressed: I went in to get the bridal panties and my store didn't have them :((( They were offering a normal ruffle panty or whatever instead, but it was "free with purchase" and they mail me actual free underwear coupons all the time so it wasn't worth it to me: I'll just cough up money to buy some instead (and get a different free gift with purchase).

  2. I did want the panties with the bride on the but but never got them. I can't remember what panties I wore now.