Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday Movie Review

Hope Springs
So we may not have been the target demographic for this, but I still really enjoyed it. The boy even didn't hate it. He thought the first half was slow, but he did enjoy the second.

There were a few awkward scenes but overall it was fun. Steve Carrel was a little surprising since while this was a comedy, he played the most serious part in it.

We were by far the youngest ones in the theater. To the point when it was over one woman came up to us and told us just that. Than another came up to us and said, "Now you two won't be needed counseling will you!" I guess because the boy was willing to see this with me it meant he was willing to sacrifice for me. But while they may be true, the real reason I was able to convince him to go was because Expendables 2 is in theaters next week.

I do think this is one you'd probably enjoy, although unless you're like the boy and me and see a movie every week, this could probably wait till it's out on dvd. Plus if you watch it at home you don't have to worry about little old ladies giving you a hard time for watching it!


  1. This movie is getting a lot of good attention! I think it looks hilarious.

  2. I always see movies like this! Not the target demo at all, but I still find them enjoyable. Will definitely see this on dvd :)

  3. I am exactly the target demographic and thought it was slow, too. I like all three leads a lot, but they needed a better script. The town -- Stonington, CT -- was beautiful.

  4. I saw the preview for this a few months back and thought it looked hilarious. I'll probably end up seeing it eventually.

  5. My parents saw it this weekend. They really enjoyed it!