Monday, January 4, 2016

2015 in Review

Happy New Year! We're already a few days into the new year, and yet there's a few things I'm still meaning to recap from 2015 (Hanukkah, Christmas, and someone's first birthday specifically). I do still plan on getting to those eventually, but first here's a look back at the whole year that just ended, 2015.
We started off the year with a baby who was only 3 weeks old.
1st Starbucks Run
While I was still on maternity leave my bff, who is Elley's godmother, paid us a visit, on which Elley had her first Starbucks trip.
Staring at the Fire
Before my maternity leave ended and I headed back to work, we spent the long Mardi Gras weekend in Atlanta visiting friends and family.
photo 3 (4)
Spring came, and we spent most weekends out watching the boy play baseball.
photo 1 (3)
Keeping with the baseball theme, we took Elley to her fist LSU baseball game at Alex Box Stadium,
photo 14
and then went back and celebrated Mother's Day there as well.
photo 18
While it never actually made it into a blog post, we saw Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood in concert, which also wound up being the first, and still only, night we spent away from Elley.
First Time Swimming
We spent about a week visiting California where Elley first went swimming,
photo 33
saw the ocean,
and met Anna and Elsa at Disney's California Adventures.
Celebrating my 31st
We celebrated my birthday by taking Elley to see her first Tiger football game where they beat South Carolina.
We made it to a pumpkin patch!
Also in October, we visited a pumpkin patch
The Force is Strong With This One
and celebrated Halloween.
While it never made the blog, at least till now, we took our first family photo session with Melissa V Photography.
Thanksgiving Plate
We invited friends over to celebrate Thanksgiving with us.
Happy Hanukkah
And again, while it didn't make the blog, at least not yet, we celebrated Hanukkah,
#throwbackthursday to Kaylee's first birthday last Saturday. Sometimes a cake just needs two hands!
Elley's first birthday,
and Christmas.

What were some of your highlights from 2015?

And if you want to see how this year compares to years past for me, here are my recaps from 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013, and 2014.


  1. Happy New Year, sweetie!

    It looks like 2015 was an incredible year for you and your family. I hope 2016 is an amazing year for you all as well.

    Some of my highlights from 2015: my trips to NY to visit family and quality time with them, lots of quality time/fun times with my mom, watching my favorite team (NY Mets) in the baseball playoffs and make it to the World Series, finally getting a chance to see my nephews play football in person, reading lots of great books, attending my first planner's meetup, and a family party at my aunt's house while I was in NY for the holidays.

    Amy @

  2. What a fun year of firsts for your family!

    One of my highlights of 2015 was our Southern US Road Trip. It was such a great family experience.

  3. Love seeing the pictures of her growing throughout the year!

  4. It's so cool that her birthday is near the new year so you really measure the year in her growth!