Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Once Upon a Time

We're taking a trip back through time so I can finally share with you all Elley's first birthday. I'm sure you won't be that surprised but I decided to go with a children's book theme. I actually spent way too long on Etsy looking for the perfect customized invitation, but instead wound up finding one on tinyprints that I think was a great preview of things to come
I tried to keep decorations low key and went with a pink and gold theme. I hung up with monthly photos on the wall framed by pink and gold scrapbook paper.
We had pink tableclothes, pink and gold steamers, and I even hung up a gold happy birthday sign. Not that this is the best photo of me or the banner, which has its th upside down, but it is the only photo I have of it.
We had bowls of various type of goldfish out representing One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.
Also as appetizers we had The Hungry Caterpillar's cheese and sausage.
I also made Stregna Nona's pasta salad and Deviled green eggs using this recipe from Katie Lee for avocado deviled eggs.
The boy contributed a gumbo as the main course. We also had a hot chocolate bar, although with the temperature being around 80 it wasn't really used. There was still dessert though and I used Blueberries for Sal to inspire the cakes.
I used a Martha Stewart recipe for the actual cake and this awesome recipe for whipped buttercream frosting.
As for the birthday girl, she seemed to have a blast. After everyone ate their lunch we opened presents. Although Elley's wasn't all too happy with the fact she couldn't take each present out as she opened them.
Opening Presents
There were a ton of presents, and she got a little distracted by the end, especially with all the people around.
But eventually we made it through, and it was time for cake. I'm not sure I've ever seen a baby eat a smash cake like Elley since instead of eating fistfuls of cake she literally picked the entire thing up in both hands!
#throwbackthursday to Kaylee's first birthday last Saturday. Sometimes a cake just needs two hands!
She had a blast with that cake though!
She actually managed to get through a good portion of it, of course turning herself blue in the process.
Overall I thought it wound up being a really fun day. Although it's crazy to think my baby is a year old! I'm not quite sure how I let that happen. I'll do my best to make sure her second birthday doesn't get here as quick!


  1. This is such a cute (and appropriate for you!) theme. I may have to steal this idea for one of my kids' upcoming birthdays.

    And Rachel needed a bath after her first birthday cupcake which was red and black. We went with a ladybug theme.

  2. Love the storybook theme! I love seeing cake smash pictures :)

  3. What fun. Enjoyed seeing all the cute theme ideas and your cute, cute little sweetheart.

  4. What a great theme for a party! She looks so cute and happy. Caleb got that same dog for his birthday! I'm going to try and recap his party this week too.

  5. Cute! I am not surprised you chose a book theme. :) It looks like an awesome party. I love that she picked up the whole cake! She's got some strong arms clearly. ;) It's always funny to me how different each kid is about their smash cake. Some of my nephews and nieces loved it, some of them HATED getting dirty when eating it.

    Here's hoping that the next year of her life doesn't go as fast!!

  6. What a sweet theme for a sweet girl!!