Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Back at Alex Box

Each year I post about seeing LSU baseball at Alex Box Stadium. Last year I even suspected I was pregnant went we went, and confirmed it the following day. So it only makes sense that the first time Elley went to a game you'd see it on the blog.
photo 1 (2)
All decked out in her purple and gold.
The game was originally supposed to be 7, which would have been interesting with her 7:30 bedtime. Except they moved it up in hopes of avoiding the rain. 12 o'clock came and we were ready to leave the house, only it was raining. But we left with hope that maybe the rain wasn't across town at the stadium. Turns out it was raining there as well, and they had postponed the game to start at some point after it passed.
photo 2 (2)
We did plan for this though, and instead went off to lunch. We went to Fat Cow Burger, where I finally got to have their Hundred Dollar Burger. It's a play on Hubert Keller's burger and has Fois gras, balsamic vinegar, Arugula, Parmesan cheese and Truffle Aiole on it, but it's only $15. It was definitely delicious, but even so, I think next time I'd go back to having their Napa Burger.

At that point the rain still hadn't stopped, so instead we decided to stay in town and get some shopping down. Well, we arrived at our destination and took Elley out of her car seat to find she had leaked out of her diaper, and her LSU onsie would be out of commission. A change of clothes later we were out of the car and on our way to kill a bit more time.

By the time we finished shopping and got back into the car, the rain had stopped and the game was back on, so it was back to the ball park. LSU is currently ranked number 1, and they were playing Texas A&M whose ranked number 2, so it was definitely a game to watch.
photo 1 (3)
This was the third and final game of the series; a series where LSU had already won the first two. Basically meaning it didn't quite matter the score of the our game. Good thing too since LSU wound up loosing 6-2.
photo 3 (2)
We made it till the 7th inning, when Elley told us she was ready to go. Although on the way out we did take one final photo with a Mike the Tiger statue. The first of many to come, I'm sure.
photo 5 (2)
All in all, a successful outing, especially considering just how the day could have turned out.


  1. Impressive that she made it through 7 innings! My dad is the photographer for our local team so I have a feeling Caleb might go to his first game this summer.

  2. How fun - 7 innings is a long stretch!

  3. Aww, baby at a baseball game!

  4. That sounds like a fun game! We are taking our kids to their first MLB game in about a month and I can't wait!!!

  5. Aww, it sounds like a fun day! Elley is too cute for words.