Thursday, April 30, 2015

Meeting Sebastian St. Cyr

What Angels Fear by C.S. Harris
: October 3, 2006 by NAL
First Published: November 1, 2005
Series: Sebastian St. Cyr #1
For a while now this book has been showing up in my goodreads recommendations. So when someone else suggested it for book club, not only had I already heard of it, but I was excited, if only because the internet told me I should be. Now that I've finished reading it, it's pretty easy to see why the algorithm recommended it for me.

This book is similar to a lot of the historical books I read, most specially the Pink Carnation series. Both of the series take place in England during the early 1800s. Both also include mysteries. But the big difference is that Pink Carnation has much more of a chick lit spin, while St. Cyr is a bit more gory.

While in some ways this did read a little slow for me, I think that's more to do with how little time I seem to have to read lately. Although one could argue that if it was good enough, I would have found a way to make time. Nonetheless, I always seemed to enjoy myself when reading.

There were moments when the politics involved got a little heavy. Considering that I feel a little more knowledgeable than most, makes me think others will likely have similar problems as well. But even so, I just wound up skimming over the lines that were a little involved, and still made sense of the overall story.

Overall it's definitely a book worth getting into. And while I may not be ready to list this as one of my favorites of the year, I'm still looking forward to continuing the series.


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  1. Your review has left me lukewarm as to whether I want to check it out or not. I have so many books on the go right now, I just can't make time for something new if it doesn't have an "I LOVED this book!" recommendation.