Monday, July 21, 2014

The Top 10

Each December I like to go back to look over and post the stats of the year. It's things like where I had the most readers from, which blogs lead the most people to my blog, and my top posts of the year. And while I've done this the past few years, I've never taken the time to list out the all time top posts of the blog since the beginning. At least till now. So please enjoy this blast from the past! Hopefully you can find some new posts to delight in or maybe it will remind you just how long you've been reading.

1. Show Us Your... Holiday Decorations
This post, like many of my others, was linked up to Kelly's Korner's Show Us Your Life series. Actually this top ten post could easily be entirely posts that I linked up there. So to keep things fair, I've decided to pick only one Show Us Your Life post. This is one of my favorites showing our 2012 holiday decorations.

2 All American Girl
Meet Felicity
I'm a little in love with the fact this post on my American Girl dolls is here. I was, and really still am, obsessed with my American Girl dolls, so I'm happy to see I'm not the only one.

3. Behind the Labels
From L.A. to LA - Wrap Around Labels
When I was working on our wedding invitations I looked in vain for a great wrap around label template. Instead I wound up making my own, and posted a tutorial on how to do them. It really was far easier than expected, and I'm happy to see so many people have found the posts and hopefully are trying it themselves.

4. Brulee-ing In the New Year
Creme Brulee
This recipe has quickly become my most pinned post. Not too surprising since it is one of the most delicious things ever, creme brulee. I made this the day before my 101 list started, and since making creme brulee is on that list I still need to make it again. Is hasn't happened yet, but I'm already looking forward to is.

5. The Tea Rose Trilogy: Book 2
I'm not quite sure why this is my most read book review. But I did love Jennifer Donnelly's Tea Rose Trilogy so I'm happy to see if here.

6. The Argument Against E-Readers
No, I still don't have an e-reader. I obviously see the convenience of them, and how they make life easier. But for the reasons in the posts I haven't made the change yet.

7 Dressing Up the Tables
I do find it interesting that this post of centerpiece inspiration for the wedding is so high on the list. It is interesting to go back and see what my initial thoughts were. Especially since my final centerpieces made not have been replicas of any of these, they definitely had a similar feeling.

8. Roasted Polenta with Swiss Chard
Amy's Roasted Polenta with Swiss Chard
Every once in a while I'll bring back a Frozen Thursday post, but I don't write them nearly as much as I used to. I think this is an interesting choice to be in my top 10, since I'm pretty sure this is the only time I ever tried this meal. I'm also not sure if they still make this option, which could be one reason why it's become so popular.

9. The Final Invitation Post
Another invitation post! Along with a photo of the full suite, this include a budget breakdown as well as a link to each diy step.

10. Why I'm Using Feedly Over Bloglovin
Yes, I'm still using feedly as my reader of choice. I know for many Bloglovin seems to be the best, but I still stand by my decision.

Do you by chance have a favorite post on From L.A. to LA? Or are you surprised by the most popular posts on your blog?


  1. Still love your invitations! I don't have an e-reader per say, only when I am traveling do I buy a book via kindle for my ipad. But only then!

  2. I'm not an e-reader person either. And I don't think I ever will be.

    1. I could see myself maybe someday taking it on vacation to avoid packing tons of books. And imagine they'll be great as interactive textbooks. But I just really hate the idea of books and bookstores almost disappearing.

  3. That is interesting to see which posts are most popular! I am not sure what was most popular on my blog. My finance post series ended up being more popular than I thought it would be. The posts I get the most comments on are ones that are a bit more 'raw' like break up ones and ones about my struggles in Charlotte.

  4. I've been using Feedly too and I love it!