Thursday, October 6, 2011

What's the Date

I know I've kept you waiting a while now, but here's my final post on STD inspiration (at least final until I change my mine, right?). But to recap, we went out the basic outline and I mentioned there would be a mini envelope on that card. Then last week I told you what wouldn't be inside the envelope. So let's end the suspense...

Most of your guesses were actually right, so it shouldn't be a surprise, but I was planning on doing mini-magnets! Of course there's lot of ways I could go with this.

One main picture,

Or a montage of pictures,

Text Only,

or text with a graphic,

Or a photo with a graphic,

Or a photo with a calander,

Or just a calender.

Since we aren't doing engagement photos, I'm leaning towards not having a picture of us on the magnet. Obviously I have some older pictures of us I could use if necessary, but if I'm sending this out and hoping to make the fridge, I'd rather have something that looks a little more professional.

My favorite idea is a calender, especially since our wedding isn't on a Saturday, I think circling the actual day would make it easier to recognize, than it would be just a date on a card. Of course nothing actually ordered yet, but unless something crazy happens that's the direction were headed.

What are your thoughts on a Save The Date magnet? And out of these possible designs, which one is your favorite?


  1. Ours didn't have a pic either. If your date is not on a Saturday I like the last choice the best.

  2. We did save the date magnets with our engagement photo on them, we did two different designs with two different photos, I've had nothing but compliments on them!

  3. I love the first two! We did magnets w/ engagement photos on them & some people STILL have them on their fridge! Haha. They just turned out so cute. If you google Magnet Street Market, that is where we got them (something like that! Haha!). But i am sure these places are wonderful too! My faves are the first two, but the no pic ones are cute also!

  4. I like the Text only or one with a pic of the plantation would be really beautiful

  5. I love love love the very first one! So cute! I'm definitely a fan of the magnet as well. So convenient and easy for your guests to remember where it is.

  6. I really do love it when couples include a photo but since you've decided not to do engagement photos, I really think a calendar with the date circled would work too!

  7. Love the calendar idea!! I am FINALLY getting to plan my wedding (Thanks to you because I kept pestering the Husband! HA) and I thought about the calendar idea as well! Only I will totally have a picture!