Saturday, October 22, 2011

Amor Deliria Nervosa

Delirium by Lauren Oliver
I had heard so many great things about this book and I was so excited to finally have a chance to read it. In case this one isn't yet on your radar, the idea behind it comes off a little cliched, it's a world where love is a disease and at 18 everyone is giving the cure to avoid any type of suffering.

While the idea behind the story may come off a little silly it definitely make for an interesting universe. You are able to follow the logic of how a society realizes all of the pain love can create, even though it seems a little far fetched. Throughout the book are bits and pieces of the propaganda used, and it was really interesting to see how the government was able to twist various ideas.

The book definitely reminds me of the Uglies series. There are quite a few differences between the two, but even so while reading the book I had to mentally stop myself several times from comparing the two.

And then of course there's the ending. Part of me is definitely glad I put off reading this one for a while, so that was I don't have to so long for the sequel. In some ways I can't believe this is the way the author chose to end it, but I do have to admit it's the perfect breaking point in the story.

I did wind up really enjoying this one, except I don't think it quite lived up to my expectations. I think I wanted so badly to fall head over hells with this that I forced the issue a little much. I still loved the book, am glad I read it, and can't wait for the sequel, but still part of me wishes I hadn't hyped it quite as much.


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  1. I thought this book was really good, and I cannot wait for Pandemonium. The end really got me though!