Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday Movie Review

What's Your Number
I heard some awful review about this one, but I should have known, that critics just don't get chick flicks, because I really wound up enjoying it. First there's the eye candy. Obviously, at least from the poster, Chris Evans is there a lot, and he's half naked through quite a bit. Plus there's a few great cameos from Chris Pratt and Dave Annable.

I had hear the critics complain that some of the best scenes were in the previews. But I didn't quite find that to be the case. Instead there were several scenes I expected from the previews that didn't actually make the movie.

I won't say the boy loved it, but there were definitely a few jokes the really amused it. Obviously it's not going to be nominated for any Oscars, nor is it completely original, but it still is a really cute chick flick, that I would easily agree to watch again.

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  1. I'm seeing this over the weekend with Lesli from Pretty Random Thoughts! I cannot wait!!!
    Have you read 20 Times a Lady? I love Karyn Bosnak, she's so funny!