Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bridal Beauty

Recently I came home to discover that a I had received a package in the mail, which containded all of the following.
It's a bridal beauty box from my MOH! So cute, right? First there's a Disney Cinderella wedding card, which I had no idea they made but think it's an awesome idea. And well tons of fun stuff to play with, which I'm sure you can see most of it, but there's mascara that's supposed to grow your lashes, face mask, body butter, hair conditioning treatment, whitening strips, and obviously much more. There's even a cute little wedding coffee.

Although there were supposed to be two, one for me & the boy, but unfortunately one broke in transit. When I told the boy his response was that it wasn't a big deal, he would just drink out of the one that's left, although I haven't seen him drink out of a mug featuring a bride a groom yet.

It was such a cute package and such a great surprise! I'm definitely grateful that my sistah (as in godsister!) took the time the to send this all to me and was SOO excited to receive it, and can't wait to continue planning the wedding with her!

Did you receive and surprise packages leading up to the wedding? And do you have an recommendations as to which of the products I should start with first?


  1. Aw, that was such a thoughtful thing for you MOH to do!!!

  2. What a thoughtful gift!

    You'll have to tell us about the lash-growing mascara:)

  3. Aw, that was so sweet of her! I love all the stuff she put in it!

  4. Its so awesome that your maid of honor spoiled you/prepared you with a bride-to-be package! I just got married 4.5 months ago and the planning process was so much fun. Thanks for visiting my blog. :-D