Monday, February 1, 2010

Sookie Does Dallas

Living Dead in Dallas by Charlaine Harris
Its been a few months since I read the first book in this series. So while I remember the characters and basic plot outline, I didn't really remember how I felt about it. Which is why its surprising to go back and reread my review of Dead Until Dark. I enjoyed this second book so much, its kind of hard to believe I didn't enjoy the first as well.

This book takes Sookie to Dallas where she's loaned to a group of vampires to help them solve a mystery, while she's still trying to solve her own mystery. It might sound complicated, but even though there were two fairly distinct stories bookended around each other it still flowed really well.

One thing I'm finding interesting about these books is how its set in modern day, instead of some type of alternate universe. Or instead of something more similar to Harry Potter, where its set in modern day, but no one knows about wizards. In these books, no one had any idea vampires existed until one day they decided to make their presence known to humans. So who knows, maybe their are actually vampires hidden around.

I really enjoyed this book, and can't wait to read the second. I might just warn you all now, that the next review you read her will probably be another Sookie Stackhouse. I might try to change it up after that. Maybe...

Anyone else a fan of this series? Do you have a favorite book I should especially look forward to reading? Or is there I series of book you wound up enjoying, but were somewhat hesitant about after the first reading the first in the series.



  1. I was the same way! I didn't like the first book at all but I really liked the second one and got into them!

  2. I did like the first book and I have this one in audiobook form... I guess I should listen to it when I go back and forth from nola! Oops!

  3. I've read the first book in the series, but not the second. I really enjoyed the first and can't wait to read the rest of the series.

  4. I really enjoyed all of them (I think there are like 9 or something) and can't wait for the new one to come out! Oh, and I can't wait for True Blood to start up again on HBO!

  5. I have never read these books, but they must be pretty good because a lot of people talk about them. I did see the first season of True Blood...that show is RAWNCHY! LOL! My fave book series is obviously Twilight!

  6. I read the books when I heard they were going to make a series. It's ok reading - not amazing. But it's entertaining!