Wednesday, February 3, 2010

And the Painted Ponies Go Up and Down

It's been a while, but I'm back participating in yet another edition of Classy in Philadelphia's Where in the World Wednesday. Today's picture is another from my 3 week study abroad course in Avignon, France in Summer 2005.
On the Carousel
The picture was taken on this double-decker carousel in the town square,
The double decker Carosel
and I had ridden the carousel specifically to take the picture. It might seem like an odd reason to pay for a carousel ride in a foreign country, but not for me. See I was trying to recreate this picture which was taken some 20 years prior on the exact same carousel in Avignon in Fall 1985.
I guess you could say my looks changed a little over that time period, but the horses look the same. Funny how history tends to repeat itself sometimes. (And if you're looking to find more Where in the World posts head over to Classy in Philadelphia!)



  1. No way!! That is so frickin cool!

    Damn parents...curse them for not taking me to France when I was a baby!

  2. Oh I LOVE that you were trying to recreate the photo from when you were a baby! How cool that your parents did that kind of traveling with you when you were so young. Jealous!!

  3. Carousels are so cool! I have such good memories of from when I was little on one :)

    Thanks for joining in again. I love seeing where you've been :)