Monday, February 8, 2010

Superbowl Mambo down in New Orleans

In case you missed it yesterday, the Saints won the Superbowl. Louisiana has been going a little crazy ever since. And on top of that its Mardi Gras season, which means this year in New Orleans is really the biggest party you've ever seen.

We weren't crazy enough to spend last night in New Orleans, nor were we lucky enough to be in Miami. So instead we had a few people over for some Superbowl Sunday festivities, and treated them not only to a good football game but good food as well.

First there were pulled pork sandwiches.
Unwrapping the meat
This is clearly the pork pre-sandwiches and pre-pulled as well.

I made a pasta salad, for anyone who didn't want to eat a pulled pork sandwich,
Pasta Salad
as well as my first ever try at deviled eggs.
Deviled Eggs
Since this was the Superbowl, we had to have chips and dips as well.
Chips and Dip
There were several desserts, including most importantly a Saints King Cake.
Saints King Cake
And since we still need a little more black and gold in this post, here's a picture of me wearing my Superbowl MVP Drew Brees jersey.
Wearing my Drew Brees Jersey
Who dat say dey gonna beat dem Saints? Doesn't look like anybody now!

How do you celebrate the Superbowl? Were you as excited, that the Saints won their first ever Superbowl?



  1. I'm not a football fan nor did I/do I ever watch the super bowl! But I heard ALL About it on Twitter and Facebook so I felt like I didn't even need to be watching it. haha!

  2. We also had pulled pork at the party I was at and it was divine!! :)

  3. Ahhh looks like your party was so fun! PS-I love Drew Brees now...that shot of him and his son was SO cute!

  4. Sadly I didn't get to party for the super bowl this year! I was very excited the Saints won though! You're party looks great!

  5. Anddd, will you be traveling with me tomorrow :)