Friday, February 12, 2010

Louisiana Sneauxpocalypse

I know the East Coast has been experiencing a bit of a snowpocalypse lately, and today Louisiana decided to get in on the action!
On the trees
The weathermen had been saying all week long it was going to snow, but everyone knows you can't trust the weather forecast. But just in case, all Baton Rouge area schools decided yesterday, they would be closed today.

In anticipating as soon as my alarm went of this morning I jumped out of bed to look outside. But there was no snow, so I got back in bed to snooze for a while.
In the plants
When it was time to leave the house, from under the carport it looked like it was raining. It was only once I got into the car and started driving that I realized there was actually snow coming down. The roads were pretty empty since school was canceled, and it had just started snowing when I got was on the road so driving wasn't too bad. But once I got into work it really started coming down. I'm not too sure there was a lot of work being done those first few hours.

The snow did stick for a while, but there was a lot of talk about how long it would stay. I'm sad to say by noon, there wasn't a trace of snow left anywhere. Almost as if it was all fairytale.
Snow on the grass
Louisiana really isn't known for snow, and honestly it rarely snows here. But for some reason we'd had a few crazy years.

I mean we had snow in December 2008.

Snow in December 2009.
Snow on my car the following morning

Now in February 2010.
Snow on my car
Yes, my car is in each picture. Amusingly, the amount of snow in my car on each picture, is a pretty good gage for how much snow there was overall. But who would have ever thought Louisiana would have so much snow these past few years!



  1. Wow I can't believe it snowed! I looks so pretty! What crazy weather everyone is having this year.

  2. Snow in BR??? That's awesome! Great photos.

  3. I'm excited to say we still have snow on the ground. ;)
    But I have a feeling I will wake up and feel like the snow was just a dream. haha

  4. Ugh take some more of our snow! I am sick of it!

  5. Wow, it actually snowed down there! It's been a crazy winter this year!

  6. i can't get enough of all these snow pictures, here in SD with no snow!@

  7. Man, I wish that was the amount of snow on my lawn right now :(

  8. Nice!! Snow!!! We haven't been getting much here so I'm a leeettle jealous :P

  9. In response to your question, a beaver tail is sort of like a fried flat shaped donut sweetened with various toppings :) It is DELICIOUS!!!

  10. I know! It seems like a lot of states that normally don't get a lot of snow are getting hit with it this year. I like it a lot-but now our whole neighborhood has turned into a swimming pool :P

  11. I'm kind of jealous of the snow other parts of the country are getting, though I wouldn't want to be caught in a blizzard by any means! but I nice little flurry that sticks for a day or two would be cool. alas, I don't think that will be happening any time soon in california! It was nice and sunny today!

  12. That is so funny to me that school is cancelled for THAT! I understand why though, we're used to it up here. For anything to shut down here there has to be inches and inches of it and it blowing around and then they may CONSIDER canceling. ;)
    Hope you and your friends got around town safe! :)