Sunday, January 31, 2010

Blueberries for Breakfast

The boy and I had a fairly uneventful weekend, at least considering the amount of work we still need to do on the house and the amount of unpacking that needs to be done. Saturday we finished cleaning the apartment and officially drop off our keys and moved out. (If you're feeling nostalgic here's the tour of the apartment from when we moved in a little over a year ago.) I think that means we're now officially homeowners, since it didn't completely count as long as we were still renting the apartment. At least that's my input.

Then this morning while the boy worked on painting the molding in the kitchen, I made blueberry pancakes for breakfast.
Blueberry Pancakes
Its the first time we made pancakes in the new house! Why do I have the feeling that I'm going to be saying "the first time in the new house!" for everything for quite a while now.

We actually didn't get to a movie this weekend. Instead we spent last night setting up our new Wii and Wii Fit. We bought them as holiday presents to each other, but hadn't set them up previously due to all the moving craziness. We set a goal for ourselves to get 30 minutes in on the Wii Fit once a day. Now I know 30 minutes isn't really a lot. And playing on the Wii Fit isn't a real work-out. But its definitely a lot more than the no activity I'm currently doing now. I think its a good start, and hopefully I'll have fun doing it.

But the weekend isn't quite over yet. I still have big plans for tonight that involve watching new episodes of Desperate Housewives, Brothers & Sisters, and most importantly the Special Duggar Delivery where the show the birth of the 19th Duggar, Josie!

Anyone else have a Wii? Any good games you think we should think about buying? Or if you have a Wii Fit, what are your favorite Fit games to play?



  1. My favorite on the Wii Fit is step and hula hooping. Hula hooping will have you guys laughing out loud for a long time for the time you do it! Other games I like are Raving Rabbids and Mario Kart. Have fun! :)

  2. Those pancakes look delish! Yay for your first pancakes in the new house!!

    I don't have a Wii Fit but I LOVE playing Tennis on the Wii!

  3. I don't have a Wii...yet! I've played on other people's Wii's but unfortunately not enough to have a favorite game. Although I do know that you can buy the Super Mario Brother games for it which I'd be all over if I had a Wii! I'd feel 8 all over again:)

    And I know the Wii Fit isn't the same as running 5 miles a day or whatever, but one of my friends has steadily lost 2 pounds a week since she started it a month ago!

  4. I have a Wii and love it! Besides Guitar Hero, another game that's great is Ghostbusters. I love it!

  5. YUM. Will you come to my house and make me some of those?

    I do have a Wii Fit..I really love the hula hooping. It's so fun.

  6. Hey-you said you had a Droid right? Does it have a flash on the camera or not? I can't find one anywhere and there is not a flash that comes on. I don't have a Wii! I want one soooo bad though!

  7. I love Wii Sports Resort and Super Mario Bros.
    FUn stuff!

    Congrats on your new house! :)

  8. I have wii fit and I love it. Do you have the wii fit trainer too or just the wii fit game? I like most of the games on there and the more you play it the more games you get to unlock. I really like the snowboarding and soccer ball one :)

  9. I've been meaning to make pancakes but whenever morning comes I feel too lazy...

    My brother has a wii (in Geneva) so I play whenever I visit ;)