Monday, January 4, 2010

Hometown Tourist

I already told you about the trip to Disneyland the boy and I took, but that's not the only bit of sightseeing we did while we were there.

We also went to Hollywood & Highland, where I tried to take a picture with the Hollywood sign. (Except a silly palm tree got in the way.)
Posing at Hollywood & Highland
But if you look really closely you can see the start of the H behind one of the trees. Also at Hollywood & Highland is the Kodak Theater, which hosts Oscars every year. Which is why they have this walk of fame set.
Kodak Theater Entrance
Every best picture nominee is listed in chronological order in black writing on the side along with the year it won. This is also where they put the red carpet that all the celebrities walk down to go to the show.

Speaking of movies, we also went to the Warner Brothers lot. (I think this was the first time I'd ever been.)
At Warner Bros Studios
We went to their own site museum which had props and costumes from some of their movies including Casablanca, Million Dollar Baby, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and even smaller films like Music & Lyrics.

Although my favorite tourist-y part was lunch a Philippe's.
French Dip & Potato Salad
It's funny because whenever I order French dip sandwiches at a restaurant, I'll remember I don't like them most places. But I absolutely love them at Philippe's. Seriously, there are the world's best french dip sandwich. If you're ever in Los Angeles I highly recommend them!

Its funny because living somewhere you tend not go to a lot of the tourist attractions. But now that visiting California has become more of a vacation instead of actual permanent home, I'm doing a lot more tourist-y things. Also there's the fact I want to have the boy experience so many of the things I love about Southern California.

Anyone else have a few tourist locations you'd tell people to visit if they visited your hometown?



  1. Mmmm, I love french dips!
    Your trip looks fantastic! I love L.A. I have only been there twice but loved it both times and can't wait to go back!

  2. I'll have to remember that place next time we go to L.A.

  3. YAY for being a tourist in LA. Funny how I never do most of fun touristy things in LA, but I should!

  4. Thanks for the restaurant recommendation. I'm going out to LA in May so any advice about places is great!

  5. I'm so jeal- I wish I lived in LA. The LOVE sign is prob. one of the things Philly is best known for and I always visit it when I'm in the city and take photos in front of it!

  6. Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog! :)

    It's so true that when you're actually living don't do lots of exploring and touristy things. But when you move away and go back to visit, you tend to appreciate those things more.

    How fun that you got to go to the Kodak theater! I would love to go to L.A. someday.

  7. oh gosh i love these pictures. i really wanted to visit la again this past summer but we only got as far as portland oregon. i hope you have the best year ever!

  8. I love Philippe's!! they really do have the best french dip sandwiches. I love how they dunk the whole thing! yum :)