Tuesday, January 5, 2010

On the Wings of Love

I was so excited for the new season of The Bachelor to start last night! Especially, since this season's bachelor is my favorite from last season's The Bachelorette, Jake. I mean just look at him! Plus he's a pilot. Granted he didn't show a lot of personality on The Bachelorette, but based on the previews for the season it does looks like his personality will wind up coming out.

First there's Allie, who in general looks to be an early favorite. She came off as really cute last night. Plus she was a little sick and barely had a voice. So had could Jake send her home.

Then I also like Ella, the single mom. (At least I think her name was Ella.) She came off really confident, and seems to have a great personality. And I'm kind of a sucker for hoping the single mom is able to find love.

I did also like Sheila, the other pilot, but I'm not sure if she actually got a rose last night.

And the season in general looks crazy. I mean there was a scene in the preview who Jake almost stormed out of an interview and threw a chair. They also showed him crying, but if you watched The Bachelorette that was expected. Then there's the fact that a crew member had an affair with one of the girls. And when you think about it, it's almost surprising it's taken so long for that to happen. (Although didn't Bob the Bachelor wind up with a producer after the show ended?)

Either way it looks like we're in for the MOST DRAMATIC BACHELOR SEASON EVER! Anyone else a Bachelor fan? Who are your favorites so far?



  1. T and I both assumed, from the previews, that two of the girls in the house ended up hooking up (rather than a girl with a crew member). Should be interesting either way.
    So far I am leaning towards Tenley and Cori/Corrie - Can't remember the spelling right now.

  2. this post made me want to go watch the Bachelor immediately! it is recorded on my DVR, just waiting to be watched! and Jake is a cutie patootie but I hope he isn't so "Mr. Perfect" this time around. I want to see some edge!! :)

  3. I recorded it but I haven't watched it yet. I'm already prepared to keep count and see if he cries more than Jason did.

  4. I had it on in the background, I've never watched it before but I just might keep up this season. We'll see. I do love my TV Drama... aha

  5. I love this show and I'm so excited something decent is on right now. Ha Ha, most people probably don't consider the Bachelor decent. I'm not sure who my favorites are yet. I usually decided after a few episodes.

  6. Loved it! I am def. not rooting for the single mom..I just think moms need to be with their kids and leaving them for a show even if its only a week or so. Eh, not a fan. I loved Allie though!

  7. I've actually never watched the bachelor, but I've decided to try to follow it this season!

    So I kind of skipped reading it but I'll check it out after I watch it tonight ;)

  8. of course I watch, I recap it and have my very scientific smiley face rating system, haha.
    I'm voting for Tenley, Ali, and Ella. There's a lot of spoiler blogs out there, and one in particular who claims to have been told all the dirt. So now I'm watching to see if he was right, lol.
    Apparently next week they deal with the "affair"...can't wait to see how they handle it!