Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Time for Planning

My google reader hasn't been empty since October. At least until a week ago, it hadn't. Granted last fall wasn't normal for me, so it isn't much of a surprise that my blog reading stalled back then, and I fell behind. But a normal person would probably hit "read all", and start over. But I've never hit "read all" and I'd like it to stay that way. Although I did come to realize that after 30 days google automatically marks posts as read. While this does make me a little upset since there were posts out there I never got to read, I can only imagine how many unread posts I would have if it didn't do this.

So why am I telling you guys this? Well, I told myself I wouldn't do certain aspects of wedding planning until I finally made it through my reader. (Yes... unfortunately, this is where my priorities lie... Yikes!) But since I finally made it to that mark I'm out of reasons to procrastinate.

Since last weekend, aka the date my reader was finally empty, I've updated our wedding website, blocked off hotel rooms for guests, ordered our guestbook, and started work on the invitations, as well as a few other minor details. Obviously I still have quite a bit of planning ahead of me, but it feels good to finally start feeling accomplished. Now hopefully I can continue to work on wedding stuff and still manage to keep my reader under control.

Do you find that your priorities towards blogging are somewhat unconventional? And how often do you hit, "read all", in your google reader?


  1. I hate to press 'mark all as read' too!!

  2. My priorities toward blogging are slightly unconventional. I didn't realize how much time blogging takes up!

    I've never pressed mark all as read, without going through first, but is it bad that there are certain entries that i've left unread and then done that?

  3. Oh I hate having to mark all as read. I try not to but it's hard when you get busy!