Thursday, April 5, 2012

Fun in the Sun

This past weekend I spent a few hours laying out in the backyard, getting skin cancer naturally as I like to say.
I was well stocked up with 3 different magazines (yes, I'm behind in my magazine reading and most of these are several months old), a book, snacks (cheez-its & blueberries), and drinks (a vanilla coke and water in my new Hunger Games cup).
It wasn't my first time laying out of the year (that was back in Nashville), nor was it the first time laying out in our back yard. So why, exactly am I blogging about it? Because of how it relates to the wedding.

Yes, I was reading a Martha Stewart Weddings and a book called The Bachelorette Party, but that's not what I was talking about. The first picture is actually better suited to this topic...

And that topic is fun (or really not-so-fun) tan lines. If you remember, the dress I choice was strapless, which means any tan lines I have are going to be in view for the wedding. I could resort to a tanning bed just before the wedding to fix it, although I've never been to one and would like that to continue. I could also use a self-tanner, but while that's the healthiest option, I'm afraid of completely messing it up.

So what's my course of action? Well, as soon as I took the first picture I posted I untied my bathing suit straps. No, I didn't lay out topless, although if I wanted to none of our neighbors could really see me. Instead I just tucked the strings behind me, so that I was mostly covered, but there weren't any straps. I realize that I won't always be in situations where that's an option, but luckily a have a few different swim suits, with different types of straps, so hopefully by rotating them I can stay tan line free. Although stay isn't really the appropriate word, since I already have them. Instead, hopefully I'll be able to get rid of them by the wedding and have my shoulders be a single a color.

Were you smart enough to buy a dress with straps so you could avoid this whole debacle? Or are tan lines not something you're even worrying about for your wedding day?


  1. Oh my goodness, about three months before the wedding I got sunburned while wearing a t-shirt and had a horrible farmer tan and my dress was strapless. I had to spend a lot of time in the tanning bed with my lower arms covered in order to make sure my arms were one color for the wedding.

  2. I went the sunless tanning route. I did both the Mystic Tan and tanning lotion at home. No problems day of.

  3. I didn't worry about it b/c I'm white & i don't tan! Haha! So no worries when it comes to tan lines! :)

  4. I usually change up my swimsuit styles through the summer so that I don't get tan lines - instead they all sort of fill in when I wear other styles and it works out... I did have tan lines for my sister's wedding because the dress ended up being too big by the time her wedding rolled around and it sort of fell lowers on me than I thought it would... Oops...

  5. I've wondered about this before. I think when the time comes for me to get married that I'll probably try to tan naturally leading up to the wedding. I plan on buying tons of strapless bathing suits! lol