Friday, April 27, 2012

She's the Bride

The Bachelorette Party by Karen McCullah Lutz
Given that the author of this book is one of the screen writers of movies like Legally Blonde, Ten Things I Hate About You, and The House Bunny, it isn't that much of a surprise that it feels like a movie. Think of it as Bridesmaids meets The Hangover.

It did take me a while to really get into this book and start enjoying it. But about halfway through, coincidentally once the bachelorette party started, things really started to pick up for me. Going into it I thought I had figured out exactly how things would end within the first few chapters, but the ending actually wasn't what I expected. Although looking back it fits perfectly compared to some of the movies she's also written.

One aspect I wasn't a fan of was the fact that the main character was a teacher, who had somewhat of an not-quite-right relationship with one of her students. Yes, he was over 18, and by the end of the book he had graduated high school. I know that there are teachers who have affairs with their students, but I don't, like I'm sure most people, approve of it. It just made it hard for me to completely feel for Zadie (whose name I love!), given this aspect of the story.

I did think it was fun reading this book now, while I'm engaged. Reading just how the bride acted at her engagement party, really made me think about just how I want to act at my own bachelorette party. Yes, I want to have fun, but within reason.

While I didn't love this one, I did still enjoy it, but I think I'd probably love it more as a movie. There was talk about about turning it into one a few years back, but from what I can tell, if it's happening, it won't be any time soon.


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  1. This sounds interesting. I think I’ll give it a try!

    I’m visiting from BUB’s book club linkup!

  2. This sounds interesting. I think I’ll give it a try!

    I’m visiting from BUB’s book club linkup!

  3. I'm not really sure if I would enjoy this one, but I wouldn't probably have to give it a try. I'm glad you still enjoyed it despite your issues with it.

  4. I read this one a while back and didn't like it as much as I'd hoped I would!