Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Mail Call

Look what I recieved in the mail!
Any guesses as to what's inside? As a clue, well it's hard to see in the picture, the colors used to address the envelope are blue and purple, aka our wedding colors. So if you guessed a wedding shower invatation...
You'd be right. When I first heard my MOH was ready to send the invatations out I thought she was crazy, since the shower was still SOOO far away. But turns out she was right because somehow time snuck up on me and there'a barely a month till I'm back in California for it. On the back of the card she included a note about sending gifts out to Louisiana, which definitely solves the logistical nightmare I had been attempting to solve in my heard.
I'm so excited to be back in California and to have the chance to see friends and family. Especially knowing that the last time I was home was for my mom's funeral. This time at least, it'll be under much happier circumstances.

And because, well why not, here's a picture of my and my MOH at a shower together, although I'm sure it's not quite what you expected to see.
Did you wind up flying cross-country for a wedding shower? And if so, how'd you tackle the whole, "how to transport the gifts" issue? And any guesses as to which one of the two babies is me?


  1. I didn't go across the country but I did go across the province. I left most of the gifts at my mom and my dad brought them down when he came in February!

    The invitation is really pretty!

  2. So fun!
    I'm guessing the one on the left is you.

  3. That is so exciting! My sister flew home for her shower and oh my goodness, people did not think about the fact that she had to get the gifts back to AZ somehow... I bought her gift and had it delivered to their home, but most people just brought their gift, so my parents shipped them home. For their wedding, they ended up returning a lot of their gifts and then they re-bought them when they got back to AZ (their wedding was here in MN).

    I usually will wrap up a picture of the gift or put it in a card...

  4. The one on the left is definitely you!!! ...? :)

    My friend Amanda lives in Cali now but is from here. We're about to have her baby shower & she said she is not too worried about gifts b/c it all worked out well for her wedding shower. Most people gave gift cards which is what she wanted. For her baby one, she said if people give her clothes, she'll pack them w/ her. If they give her big stuff, she'll return them here & get store credit to buy in Cali. And gift cards are always good. :) But she said a lot of people did order her wedding stuff & just have her ship it to her house in Cali. :) It'll work out!

  5. Maybe you can check a large suitcase that's empty but put a smaller suitcase inside that's filled with your clothing. That way when you come back you'll have a whole bag that's empty to fill up!