Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Worth the Wait

The first time we went to look at our house there was a miscommunication with the realators and the prior owners were still there. But since they wanted to get their house sold, there were more than happy to let us look around while they were there. They were doing work in the backyard, which at least made it a little less awkward to look through the house. Once we made it in the yard, they offered us a satsuma off their tree. The boy and I each had one. I had eaten only a slice or two when I realized I had been so mesmerized by the yard I had forgotten what the house looked like inside. I handed the rest of my fruit to the boy for safekeeping since I didn't want to drip. But by the time I came back outside the boy had eaten the rest of my satsuma.
Almost Ripe
Since then I've been slowly waiting for the fruit to ripen so I could finally get the taste I was owed. It's been just over a year since the day we first visited the house. And guess what?
Ripe Satsumas
They're finally ripe and ready to eat!
It may be silly but I love peeling citrus fruit, maybe even more than I love eating them! It's my goal to have the peel off in one single piece, and I can do it almost every time.
Satsuma Peel
This time too!
All Peeled
So I finally get to eat my satsuma! And not only that I get to have them in the years to come too!



  1. YUM! I am so jealous you have those right in your backyard. I want a citrus tree!!

  2. I've never heard of that fruit! Is it related to an orange? Looks delicious too. I also try to peel fruits in one peice, its a nice challenge!

    Have a nice weekend.

  3. That's awesome you have a fruit tree in your backyard! YUM!