Monday, October 25, 2010

Hands Up Chili Chili

No one else know that camp song? Well trust me it's a good one. Today's post isn't actually about camp, although I'm sure I could come up with a great camp post or two, but about chili. I've been craving cold weather foods now that's it's gotten colder. By colder in Louisiana I mean the low 80s, but still it's been nice. So I decided a bowl of chili would really hit the spot.
I used this chili recipe from the food network. I was originally thinking about making it in the crock pot, but since I made it after work one day it was on the stove. I also didn't make the cheddar bread bowls in the recipe, but I'm sure they would have been delicious. I made a few changes, I adding chopped red pepper, and played with the spices. But overall I followed the recipe, and I think it turned out really good.
Chili Topped with Avocados
I ate my topped with avocados. The boy ate his over rice. He claims you can't eat chili without rice in Southern Louisiana. I guess my argument should have been you can't be from California and not eat chili topped with avocado.

What do you top your chili with? Or I guess serve it over in the case with rice?



  1. Your chili looks delicious! So funny... I've heard about the rice thing with chili. My family is all from Southern LA and we don't eat our chili with rice. Gumbo... that's another story. I've always liked chili with cheese and tortilla chips or fritos.

  2. My dad always served it over rice, but when I got to college I would buy a loaf of bread and not bother with a spoon - I would just rip the bread and dip it!

  3. That looks really yummy. I have been craving cold weather food. And it's gotten colder here, so it's def time to shift to comfort foods like this.

    Our family eats our chili over rice... I have never thought of putting avocado on top but that sounds fabulous,too!