Monday, October 11, 2010

Movie Review Monday

Life as We Know It
The movie reviews haven't been very kind to this, but in general critics don't love romantic comedies so that shouldn't be to big of a surprise. The movie doesn't really fit the title, instead I prefer that Katherine Heigil baby movie. So in her baby movie, Katherine Heigel plays Holly the owner of a cute bakery. Josh Duhamel plays Messer a single bachelor who works on the tv coverage for the Atlata Falcons. Messer and Holly are step up on a disastrous date by mutual friends, but it gets even more disastrous when they're set up as guardians for their orphaned friends' daughter.

Just by that description I'm sure you all know the way it's going to end. And yes you're probably right, because it's completely predictable. But even so it's a cute movie. The baby (played by triplets, so I guess babies is better to use) is (are?) adorable, and make we think I could totally be ready to have a baby now. (Until common sense kicks in and I realize waiting another year or two would really be better.) And while some of the funniest parts of the movie are in the trailer there were still a few good bits they held out to use on the actual movie.

Overall it's a fun movie, that I would definitely be willing to see again. Although I think unless you've really been craving time in the theaters, this one could probably wait until it's out on dvd.



  1. I really want to see this movie! I've been wanting to see it since I saw the previews months ago. I'm so glad you liked it! No one I know has seen it to review it!

  2. Don't you hate how one day you're all "Kids? Not now! Maybe a few years!" and then you have one day where you're influenced by a movie, cute kid or who knows what and you go "Kids? I could go for one now." Even though it makes zero sense and you still haven't gotten married or in my case had the Jewish ceremony or a honeymoon??!?

    Being a woman is strange sometimes.