Sunday, October 24, 2010

First Birthday Fun

Today was the boy's nephew's first birthday! Or at least it was his first birthday party, since the actual date was earlier this week. Since I've gotten a little obsessed with taking photos of my present wrapping...
Wrapped Presents
So maybe it's not the prettiest wrapping job. But inside is a train and a car, and they aren't in a complete box, so it was a little tricky. Underneath is the book I make sure to bring to every birthday.
Star Wars ABC's! So maybe it isn't a childhood classic, but I think it's something every well brought up baby needs to have in their house.

And since this is a first birthday post, I know what you're waiting to see. Doesn't every baby love their first taste of sugar and almost demolish their cake? Well... not so much with the one.
Don't Want this Cake
He was pretty much miserable, and couldn't understand why everyone was trying to torture him. But once he got cleaned up, and came back he was more than happy to devour bits of hamburger meat.
Happily Eating Meat
Such a male, right?



  1. Haha, I'm guessing the cake wasn't good.

  2. That's hilarious! I bet he's gonna love that picture when he gets older!

  3. LOL! I'm not a huge cake fan myself actually :p

  4. I love taking pictures of wrapped presents too! We spend time making the present look pretty, why not take a photo!

    Soooo funny that your nephew didn't like the cake. Dang, I wish I didn't like cake. LOL.

  5. hahaha, Poor dude didn't want anything to do with the sweets. Typical male wanting the red meat. :)