Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Plantation Homes

We're going to rewind back about a week or two to when my parents and grandmother were in Louisiana visiting. While they were here we visited two plantations, both of which I was visiting for the first time. I've posted a bit of a preview last week, but here again is San Francisco Plantation.
From the Back of San Francisco
From the name, one might think there's a Spanish history, but it was actually owned by a French family. The original name was in French, and come from the owner joking that the house left him with his pockets empty. Later owners decided they didn't like owner a plantation named "empty pockets," so it was renamed San Francisco which sounded similar to the French.
This is the view from the front of the house. You can always tell which is the front by which way faces the Mississippi. Back in the 1800s the view from the front porch looked right into the river banks, but now all you can really see is the levee. I do have a few more pictures of the outside of the house, but nothing from the inside. But one of the neatest things about this house was probably the painted ceilings, and I also thought the faux marble fireplaces looked crazy realistic.
The View
The second plantation we visited was Houmas House. The view above is from the front and the Mississippi is behind us. At this house we were actually able to take pictures inside, and below you can see one of the spiral staircases indoors.
Spiral Stairs
While the inside and their collection of antiques was remarkable, one of the best parts of the site is probably the surrounding gardens. I'll try to follow up with an entry on just the gardens, but for now here's a preview so you have an idea.
What I love about visiting the plantation homes is the history behind them. We may not have any castles in America, but these are probably the closest it gets. It's just crazy to think what it must have been like to grow up and live in one of these homes in the early to mid 1800s.



  1. I love it! I love seeing the gardens and that spiral staircase! So pretty!

  2. This really makes me miss Louisiana! I only go to see Laura Plantation and Oak Alley while I was there, but I really wanted to see the rest. Thanks for sharing pictures!

  3. I've been to Oak Alley and Nottoway...they were so unbelieveable! Sigh...I'd love to take another trip down South!

    Great pictures!

  4. Fun fact- my first afterschool/weekend job was as a tour guide at a plantation. I wore a big floofy dress and everything!

    I've been to both of those several times. I actually worked on the restoration of Laura. I've been to quite a few plantations, actually. St. Joseph, Destrehan, Ormond (where I worked), Oak Alley, Laura, Houmas House, San Francisco are all some I've seen. There are a ton up in Natchez, and I hope to get up there one of these days for a long weekend. :)