Monday, September 13, 2010

You Really Like Me

The past week Amber and Suz both sent me the versatile blogger award.
The way to play the game is to link back to the person who awarded it to you, list seven random things about yourself, and tag 15 other bloggers.

1. When I was in high school my school's football team was ranked number 2 in the country. And yet I never went to a single high school football game. I'm still a little embarrassed by this, and don't like to admit it so you should feel honored I'm letting you in.

2. In Kindergarten I wanted my name to be Amy. Not necessarily because I didn't like my name, but because I could spell Amy and couldn't spell Shoshanah.

3. I hate getting rid of things. But for the first time ever I went to Goodwill a few weeks ago to donate some t-shirts. Almost all of the shirts I donated were ones I used to wear in high schools.

4. Speaking of old clothes, the dress I wore to my 8th grade graduation is still in my closest. Maybe I should have donated that as well?

5. I loved Jamba Juice in high school, and feel like I'm being disloyal with my current addicted to Smoothie King. But there's not Jamba Juices in Louisiana, so I guess it's really their fault.

6. My favorite Disney princess is The Little Mermaid, mainly because Ariel is my middle name.

7. I'm really looking forward to Halloween this year, only because it will be my first time handing out candy at my own house.

I'm not actually going to tag anyone else, but mainly because I tend to forget to post my awards then feel guilty. But if you feel like listing 7 random things about yourself, this award is yours!

And speaking of forgetting to post my awards, Amanda sent me the Happy 101 award back in March. Yeah... at least I'm remember to post it over half a year later right?
For this one you're supposed to list 10 things that make you happy (try to do at least one of those things today), and send it one to 10 bloggers who brighten your day.

1. Spending the day outside tanning and reading magazine
2. The smell of any baked good baking in the oven
3. Surprises
4. The start of the new fall tv season
5. Eat fruit picked from my own backyard
6. Spending time with old friends
7. Roasting marshmallows and making s'mores
8. Having the time to sit around doing nothing without feeling guilty
9. Reading (and loving) a new book
10. Couches that you can fall into and relaxing

Again thanks for thinking of me and I promise will do my best to share the next award a receive within less than 6 months.



  1. I always liked Ariel because of her red hair haha. But I also loved Jasmine and Belle.

    Out here NO BODY goes to high school sports except maybe a few of the kids parents. It's just not a big deal. Professional sports are, but not school ones. My school didn't have a football team at all actually, though there was basketball, curling and soccer... but like I said, even the kids at the school didn't know when games were unless they were on the team.

  2. That's exciting about getting to pass out candy!!! Are you going to dress up as well?

  3. That's awesome that your middle names is Ariel! I don't think I've ever met anyone with that as a name or even middle name.

  4. Little Mermaid is my favorite too!

  5. Ariel's my favorite too! I have always loved that name, that's cute that it's your middle name. :)