Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fall TV Line Up

It's that time of year again. It's starting to get cooler (although not really in Louisiana), the leave are changing colors (again not really in Louisiana), and my tv shows are coming back. (This is actually happening in Louisiana.) So for your viewing pleasure he's my tv line-up. All times are central because I live in the central time zone. Can you tell you that when I was trying to decide if I should move to Louisiana one of the cons was getting used to watching things in central times? Also if a show has already started airing, a premier date isn't listed.

7pm - 8 Amazing Race (Premiers 9/26)
8pm -9 Desperate Housewives (Premiers 9/26)
9pm -10 Brothers & Sisters (Premiers 9/26)
Although I don't normally look forward to Sunday night, these shows change that a little. Housewives has been a little weak lately, but I'm too far into the show to turn away. And I love Brothers & Sisters, but I'm a little sad Emily VanCamp will be leaving the show.

This night's actually open for me. If the boy gets home on time I'll probably be watching House with him. And there's a good chance I'll be tuning into Kate Plus Eight and Quints by Surprise on TLC while their on, but overall it's looks pretty empty.

7pm - 8 Glee (Premiers 9/21)
7pm - 9 The Biggest Loser (Premiers 9/21)
8pm - 8:30 18 Kids & Counting
9pm - 10 Teen Mom
9pm - 10 Parenthood
Anyone else see a problem this night? This is the reason I really need a DVR, because I'm going to wind up watching one main show during each time period and flipping to the other during commercials. Not really an ideal solutions.

7pm - 8 Survivor:Nicaragua (Premiers Tonight!)
9pm - 10 Top Chef Just Desserts (Premiers Tonight!)
Sometimes I feel like the only one still watching Survivor. But I seriously love it. It's probably one of my favorite shows! And I just can't wait for this new Top Chef. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it.

7pm - 8 My Generation (Premiers 9/23)
8pm - 9 Grey's Anatomy (Premiers 9/23)
After last season's finale of Grey's I can't wait for the new seasons. And My Generation is the only new show I'm planning on watching. I think it looks really promising. Plus it's about former high school classmates 10 years after graduating, and somehow, not really sure how it happened, my own 10 year reunion is going to be coming up in just over a year!

So that's it! Well besides Friday & Saturdays but I tend not to do a lot of tv watching those nights. Anyone watch the same shows as me? Is there anything you think I should be watching? And what's your must watch show?



  1. I am definitely watching are not alone!

  2. Nice lineup! I just have gossip girl, greys, brothers and sisters and desperate housewives and I still feel like 4 hours of TV a week is A LOT!

  3. What about Hoarders on A&E Monday nights?

  4. I am so excited for good TV to start back!
    It's not fall in SC either....

    My favorites (that I can remember, it seems like it has been so long) are Parenthood and Brothers and Sisters. I guess I like the family shows.

  5. The list of shows I'll be watching is as follows:

    Sundays 8pm The Amazing Race
    Sundays & Mondays 8pm The Battle of the Blades

    (Yes, I watch two shows only and they happen to be on at the same time... hmmph!!! will have to tape one.)

    I'll also probably catch a few canucks games and figure skating competitions... I'll only have cable until February though. I'm on a trial version that's only $10 a month (I got it for the Olympics) but I don't watch enough to pay more than that so when it's up I'm cancelling.

  6. I'm gonna be tuning into My Generation as well! I think it looks really good!

  7. tuesday nights are my problems too. i want to watch to many shows and have a dvr. but normally work tuesdays night so that means my hubby can't watch tv unless he is watching what I am recording.