Monday, September 20, 2010

Not Quite Triple A

Every since I could drive I've been on my parents triple A account. I remember once in college calling, and the women on the other end saying, "I'd like to thank you for your 30 years as a member, but I don't think you've actually been a member that long." But I always kind of assumed I would be a member just as long. So when my parents sent me the bill so I could actually start paying on my own, I was a little surprised that he advised me not to renew. His reasoning was that if anything went wrong with my car he would be able to take car of it all.

Well that got put to the test this past week, when I went to start my car and it wouldn't start. I doubled checked my AAA card just in case, the actual expiration date of the card was a few weeks ago, but I do still have the renewal bill sitting behind my computer. The boy was still in bed sleeping, so I woke him up freaking out a little.

He got dressed and dropped me off at work, and I was there on time and he was able to get to campus in time for his class as well. At the end of the day he stopped by the Toyota dealership, which is around the corner from my work, and picked me up. He had a night class and due to timing I wound up having to head back with him. I had One Day, which I was reading at the time, to keep me occupied. I also was able to check out some of the renovations to LSU student union that have been completed since I graduated. I'm definitely a fan, and wish parts of it were there while I was still working on my Masters. After class we headed back to the house, where he was able to put the new battery and my car was good as new the following day.

So basically I was able to easily get through car trouble without triple A. But on the other hand what if this had happened on a day when the boy had left before me. I would have pretty much have been stranded. So the question is, do have have triple A or not? And if you have it have often do you really use it? Or if you don't have it, what do you do when you have car troubles?



  1. I have had AAA for the last three years and while I have only used it a handful of times for car issues, it is nice to have it just in case. Plus, you get additional discounts at hotels, restaurants and attractions when you take trips and stuff.

    the $50 a year fee is worth it especially if you get a flat unexpectedly just once or need a tow to the dealership or something. one instance and it pays for itself!

  2. I've had AAA for years. I have an older car and sometimes it doesn't run too well. I've need AAA for dead batteries, keys that wouldn't come out the lock, and tows. My hubby isn't mechanically inclined and his car is 10 years older than mine. I wouldn't part with AAA. It's saved me numerous times (stranded in various places).

  3. I have triple A and when I had my old car I had to call them a few times. Now that I have my new car, I haven't used them but still have the car.

    That's good that you were able to get help another way!

  4. I had triple A and it's nice for peace of mind... I never had to use it for my car BUT I got a ton of use out of it when traveling. Hotel discounts, rental car discounts, etc...

  5. I just got AAA recently as a gift, and I'm really glad to have it. I haven't had to use it, but it is nice to know that it's there if I need it. (Also - the AAA discount can be significant at hotels, etc.)

  6. Good point, though sometimes it's hard to arrive to definite conclusions