Sunday, September 19, 2010

Breaking the Fast

After being in services and fasting all day yesterday for Yom Kippur, I met up up with the boy to watch the LSU game and for break fast. We went to the Fox and the Hound, which is a faux English pub. (Faux because they give you your food not on newspaper, but on regular wax paper that's printed to look like a newspaper.) So after I had an appetizer (fried mozzarella sticks) and my stomach started to feel normal I decided I needed a drink, since we were watching a football game.
I decided to order their Krytonite-rita. You can't completely tell from the picture but this thing was huge! And even though I wound up eating a pizza (BBQ chicken if you must know), this clearly wasn't the best idea after fasting the whole day. I got about halfway through, when I knew that if I drank anymore my stomach would really not be happy with me. It felt pretty wasteful not drinking most of such an expensive drink, but I guess it would have been more wasteful if I drank it the rest and well, it came right back up again.

So really the moral of the story, is not to order crazy large drinks after you've been fasting for the day. It's really quite simple, and I feel a little ridiculous for making such a crazy misjudgment.



  1. that drink does look huge! looks like the kind you can get at Fridays, and I know from personal experience that those are pretty big! :)

    but yeah, ordering a giant margarita probably wasn't the best idea after fasting all day. haha. but at least you stopped before hurling, yes? :)

    was the drink good though? cuz you should DEF order it again when not fasting!