Friday, September 17, 2010

Living Room Tour

When Kelly last did her tour of houses, I was living in this apartment. I didn't wind up stumbling on Kelly's Korner until the end of the tour, and so was never able to participate. Since then my boyfriend and I bought house, and we're still trying to figure out exactly how we want to decorate. So hopefully looking through these posts will give me some inspiration, and I'll be able to get some good advice. So starting with the living room.
Living Room
This is the view when you walk in from the front door. While there's some pieces of furntiture I'm not a huge fan of, almost everything in here was a hand-me-down and so free. While I'd love to be able to replace some of this, I'd rather save up for some amazing pieces instead of replacing items just because.
Extra Section
Speaking of not all the furniture being perfect, the couch doesn't quite fit in the room. So we have this somewhat random section of the couch to create somewhat of a little reading nook. You can also see from here how the living room leads into the dinning room/kitchen.
The fireplace is probably my favorite part of this room. Although we didn't use it at all durring our winter here, I'm hoping we have the chance to this year. On top of the fireplace is a candle and a piece of Venitian glass, which is really only there because I don't know where else to put it, nor am I sure what else I want to put up there. To the right is really on only artwork or pictures in the entire room, and to the left is a pile of blankets (topped with my LSU snuggie), since I always want a blanket when I'm sitting on the couch, even if it's already ridiculously hot.
TV and Chest
The TV and TV stand are really the only new things in the room that we've bought. Boys will be boys afterall. To its left is probably the oldest piece of furniture in the house. That chest was actually used by the boy's father as a toychest when he was little.

As you can tell the room still needs a little bit of work. (As you'll see in the weeks to come, so does the rest of the house.) I'm thinking of repainting the room, maybe a light grey to correspond with all the blues throughout the rest of the house. I also want to find something to hang on the walls, but I really want something I love instead of something just to put there. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions I'd love to hear them, and I'll definitely be heading over to Kelly's Korner to hopefully discover some great ideas.



  1. I actually really like that little reading nook. It's cute and looks comfy!! :)

  2. I think its time for you to drive to IKEA.

  3. I really like that reading nook! So cute!

    I also have a fireplace and did not use it last year... which is ridiculous given how freaking frezing it is here in Minnesota! I tend to only use the fireplace if I am dating someone!!

    I am terrible at decorating, too, so am of no help. My love seat is kind of shot, so I need to get new furniture but am putting it off as it's so expensive!

  4. this room has so much potential, especially that fireplace! I think it would look great with a large mirror or a piece of art hanging above! and you could always build out the mantel to make it bigger for putting things on... not that I'm handy like that. haha. I always get great ideas (for the future) by watching HGTV.

    ooh, and IKEA is a totally good idea!

  5. I was surprised by how many people remember the naked chefs! Guess it was a pretty memorable spread :) Thanks for your sweet comments! My landlord used to live in our apartment before we moved in, and the wine and spice racks are leftover from him, so we lucked out!

  6. I'm really enjoying visiting everyone's living spaces.
    I remember when my husband and I first got together. I think we had 3 chairs, an end table and TV in our living room.
    That was 16 years ago and many new living room pieces later.
    Have fun creating your home.

  7. Thank you for your sweet comment!

    I love your fireplace...and believe me, most of us started with the hand me down furniture too.

    I totally agree with you about waiting until you find the right pieces instead of just throwing stuff in there. It'll come together :)