Monday, August 16, 2010

Restaurants and Horses

We spent most of this past weekend at the boy's parents' house-sitting and feeding their horses. (This wasn't taken this past weekend, but one of the first times we house-sat for them.)
With a mom and her baby
Overall the weekend was pretty uneventful except for when I feed on my own Friday night. Now I don't have arms long enough to just reach over and dump the feed into their "dish". So instead I have to reach my arms through the rungs to get the food low enough to I can dump it in. Which means it takes a little longer for me to give the horses their foods. And one of the horses (it was a "teen-aged" horse according to the boy) didn't quite have enough patience to wait. So instead it decided to eat my arm. Seriously! I was bit by a horse this past weekend. Luckily it wasn't too bad, and there's barely a bruise now.

Also this weekend, my dad will be happy to hear, the boy and I went to the restaurant. Its the first restaurant my parents and I ever went to in Baton Rouge back when I was finding an apartment. My parents split and order of crawfish, which they loved and have wanted to go back ever since. The problem was we had no idea what the name of this restaurant was, or even its location.

But now I can tell you the restaurant was Sammy's Grill. I have no pictures since I forgot my camera at home, and didn't think of using my phone until after the food was gone, but I'll probably be back in about a month when my parents are in town. But to share, I started off with crab bisque (which had surprisingly huge chunks of crab). The had a fried oyster po-boy and finished up with a slice of red velvet cake. It was as good as I remembered the first time, and I'm glad to be able to "rediscover" it.



  1. I've been bit by a horse before so I feel your pain! The things us - vertically challenged - people have to do. :)

  2. I used to ride horses and was bitten by plenty in my day!

    Red velvet cake makes everything better though, for sure!

  3. Yea for finding that restaurant! :)

    I am so afraid of horses... I went horse back riding in the rain forest, when I was in Australia and for some reason, they gave me the fastest horse, even though they knew I was the only person who had not rode a horse before. It was an awful experience so now I am super uncomfortable around horses!!!

  4. LOVE Sammy's! You should go for brunch one Sunday - they have an amazing crabmeat au gratin omelette.

  5. I miss horses :( I used to LOVE horses and owned a few growing up! When I was 13-14 all I did was ride horses all summer long. Loved it, and miss it :)

  6. Omg, i miss Sammy's grill sooo much. Man i miss the food in Louisiana!!