Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday Movie Review

The Baster Switch
It's been a while since I've seen a real romantic comedy type movie. I could tell this instantly just be the previews. But even looking through my past reviews, the closest I've come in recent months is Sex and the City 2 and I'm not even sure that counts. So this movie was definitely needed and appreciated.

The movie was a pretty prefect romantic comedy. I wouldn't list it as the best ever, but its the perfect type of movie to curl up with on a Sunday afternoon, maybe with a glass of wine and a box of candy. There were enough funny movie that the boy didn't hate me too much for dragging him to see it. And I loved the little boy in the movie. He was really cute, and perfect as Jason Bateman's character's son.

This summer was definitely in need of a romantic comedy, and I really do think this filled the void. At least partially, I'd still be happy with one or two more. I think as long as you go in expecting that somewhat predictable, somewhat cheesy romantic comedy your expectations will be easily met.



  1. I do want to see this movie! I went to see Scott Pilgrim vs. The World with the boy last weekend, so I think it is my turn to pick :)

  2. I've been wondering if I should see this or wait until it comes out on video. I never go to the movies. I dont know why?!

  3. I thought it looked really cute, I'm sure I'll get it once it's out on dvd.