Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Put it on the Table

I love laying out in the yard, but lately I've been having a bit of an issue. Normally when I lay out I bring a cup of water and some time of snack, and since there's nowhere else to put it I normally set it on the ground. The problem is the ants getting hungry and thirsty too! I've only noticed when I pick up my cup to take a sip and feel a pinch on my hand. I look down to see ants over the cup, some even taking a swim in the water. And I don't really enjoy drinking water with added protein.

But the Target near us is closing the garden section which means all types of outdoor furniture is on sale. So I came home with a table to use with my lounge chair! So hopefully next time I can drink my water without fear of being attacked by vicious ants.
Lounge Chair and Table
Yes, I know parts of that plant are damaged from the extreme heat we've been having. And the lawn clearly needs to be mowed, but luckily I'm not the one in charge of mowing in this house.

There were a few patio sets on sale as well, that we thought about buying. But we decided not to. Since we don't really need a patio set we've hoping that in the weeks to come they slash prices even more and we can come up with a new patio table and chairs at a mere quarter of the actual price!



  1. I had the SAME problem this summer. I'd be all comfy in my chair, reach for my water and it was covered in ants!

  2. I wish the Target near us was having a sale on the sets! My backyard could use one too!