Sunday, August 1, 2010

It's a Birthday

Yesterday was the boy's niece's 3rd birthday party. The theme was Sponge Bob Square Pants, and almost as expected at a party with such a theme there were a bunch of water activities. There was a slip and slide, which I loved growing up. But if only I knew what my childhood was missing out on!
Climbing the Water Slide
An inflatable water slide! Seriously where was this when I was growing up? There's a climbing wall in the center, and though its hard to see there's a second slide on the other slide. Its not even something that had to be rented from a party company, but its sold at a regular store by Little Tykes. If I had one of these growing up I probably would have played on it all summer!
Birthday Presents
For present the boy and I bought her a box of Disney Princess themed dress-up clothes, and the accompanying box of their shoes (which of course are sold separately). And how could we forget the books! I always have so much fun going through the children's section finding books I loved growing up that I want to introduce to her. I could easily by tons of books, but made myself stop at two. I can only imagine how many book I'll be buying for my future children.
First we went with Angelina Ballerina by Katharine Holabird, a book I remembered loving growing up. I actually wound up buying a 25th Anniversary edition, and since I'm also 25 it seems to make perfect sense that they would a part of my childhood. I was actually a little surprise to see the listing in the back of the book as to how many Angelina books there are now. If I remember there were almost 20 or so! I only remember owning 1 or 2 myself.

The second book we decided on was Julius Baby of the World by Kevin Henkes. This is actually a book I don't remember ever reading or owning. However I do remember having a few Kevin Henkes books that I really enjoyed, so given the them of the book I thought it was a perfect fit. In case you haven't guessed from the title, the books about an older sister who doesn't understand what's so great about her younger brother. That is until someone else decides they don't like her brother either, and she feels the need to stand up for him. Since she has a younger brother about 2 years younger, and there's normal sibling jealousy issues I thought it'd be almost perfect.

Overall it was a lot of fun, and while I might not be ready to have my own children right now, its still a good time being around other people's babies.



  1. You picked out two of my favorite kids books ever! I had Julius the Baby of the World when my little brother was born. My parents were trying to smooth the situation out! :-)

    I got J's niece Angelina last year and now she's hooked. She watches the animated tv show on PBS all the time.

    Great choices!

  2. Amen - where WERE those inflatable slides when I was growing up? I would have loved that!!

    You guys spoiled her, she's lucky to have such a fabulous aunt and uncle :) I always get books for my nieces and nephews too!

  3. What a fun gift! I bet she loved it!! You are a great aunt!

    I always buy books for my nephews for their birthdays & around the holidays. It's so fun to give them books that I loved as a child. I hope they love reading as much as I do.

    And yah, really wish they had waterslides like that when we were kids!

  4. Where's the picture of you and the boy sliding down the bouncy? :)

    Seriously - kids parties are wayyyyyy more fun now.

  5. My neighbours have a similar slide for their kids. Looks like fun!

  6. I would go back to childhood just for those slides!!! Where were those back in the day?!?! Happy Birthday to her!

  7. I loved the Angelina books when I was little.
    That water slide is so cool!