Tuesday, August 17, 2010

If Testosterone & Explosions Had a Baby...

The Expendables
Clearly I wasn't the intended audience for this, but I still am able to see the appeal of having a movie with every action star possible in it. Yes, some of them had very limited screen time (after all you would hope running a state takes precedent over being in a movie), but with so many stars that's a little expected.

There wasn't a really strong plot, but I don't think people went into this movie hoping for something with a great plot. Instead picture everything possible you'd want in the ultimate action movie. And that really was it. Just as a recap, there was a car chase scene, hot girls, explosions, someone getting a tattoo, a girl being rescued from her abusive boyfriend, airplanes, explosions, torture, a girl being rescued from the evil villains, an evil dictator, lots of gory death scenes, and did I mention explosions?

It's not a movie I'd really be interested in seeing again. But for what it was, I'd say it lived up to expectations.



  1. I thought it was a fun movie, but yeah nothing extraordinary. And it was loud. Hubby said we should have brought ear plugs.

  2. oh gosh Terence would love this....I think I'll wait until DVD !!! Sylvester Stalone is a crazy man...I mean he's how old now?

  3. I love all those old action stars so I'm actually really wanting to see this! Haha!